TransAtlantic Challenge

Moray Business Women

     Members of the Elgin Business Women’s Network and the Moray Business Women club and the have been virtually walking, running, swimming, etc across the Atlantic, along with friends and family set out on a virtual team journey from Elgin in Moray, Scotland to Elgin, in Ontario, Canada and back again, a total distance of around 6,777 miles.

     This is all for a good cause! The EBWN is supporting the Canadian Mental Health Association in St.Thomas/Elgin.

     There’s a well-established link between exercise and mental wellbeing, but many people report feeling less motivated to be active over the past year.

     The goal, therefore, is to get as many people as possible active and moving. Running, walking, rowing, cycling, swimming, however individuals choose to participate, every effort counts! We’re all in it together, it’s a team effort, supporting each other!

     Please donate if you can!

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